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Dovo German Solingen Straight Razor (Ivory Grained Micarta 105-5865)

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Single Straight Razor £157.99

  • Ice Tempered Stainless Steel Blade
  • 5/8" Blade
  • Full Hollow Ground Blade
  • German Made
  • 24k Gold Etchings
  • German Made
  • Gift Boxed

Dovo German Razors:
Dovo Solingen of Germany have been making razors for over a hundred years and today are considered to be one of the finest manufacturer of straight razors. Each Razor goes through over 80 labour intensive manufacturing processes to achieve the highest level of hardness, elasticity and resistance including hand honing and stropping by trained honing technicians.

Dovo 105-5865 Straight Razor:
The Dovo 105-5865 Ivory Grained Micarta is one of the finest Dovo Solingen steel razors available. It has a Full hollow ground 5/8" Ice Tempered, mirror polished, Stainless steel blade finished with acid etching and a 24k Gold branding. The blade is presented in a deluxe Ivory coloured, Grained Micarta handle. Stainless steel in lower end razors usually has inferior edge retention to the Carbon versions, meaning more stropping and honing. However the Dovo Ivory grained Micarta has benefited from Ice tempering, which is a very expensive procedure but increases the blades edge retention 10 fold and puts it on a par if not better than the Carbon steel versions but you get the benefit of vastly reduced maintenance as they do not rust or stain.

Learning the art:
Entering into the world of straight razors can be a daunting prospect but with some brief research on the internet followed by the purchase of a QUALITY razor you will wonder why it has taken you so long to discover this luxurious, and cost effective start to the day. Using a straight Razor does require a technique and maintaining your razor is important to keep it enjoyable. There is endless advice on the internet and as long as you spend a bit of time learning the skill initially your efforts will be rewarded. Once learnt and added to your morning routine this skill will be rewarding and enjoyable and the thought of going back to a Mach 3 will turn your stomach.

Your new Dovo Razor is honed and stropped ready to use straight out of the box. It will be fine for many shaves depending on the softness of your beard but will need stropping at some point to polish the cutting edge. If you lose the Razor edge we recommend sending your Razor for professional honing as over stropping can damage your blade.

Your Dovo razor must be rinsed in clean water and thoroughly dried after each use and applying a fine mineral oil to stop the blade from rusting.