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Teach yourself how to use a Straight Razor (Splash Proof Book)


Nothing beats the satisfaction of a close shave from a finely honed Straight Razor bit it is a daunting prospect with the bad publicity from some of the cult films. Should you leave it another year ........... no just start with this guide!

There are many books, e-books, you tube videos etc on the web telling you the best way to use a straight razor but as you may quickly find they aren't that comprehensive and offer conflicting advice leaving you with that ...... "bugger it i'll just have a go" and learn the hard way.

The Kingbarber Teach yourself to Shave booklet has got to be the best we've seen. They encourage you to proceed with caution and learn the safe way in an easy to understand language that will have you confidently shaving with a Straight Razor in no time.

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