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Butz Choquin Ladies 1113 Pear Briar Smoking Pipe Vert Green

QTY Price
Single Boxed Smoking Pipe £46.99

  • Overall Length: 183mm
  • Overall Height: 38mm
  • Bowl Height: 38mm
  • Bowl Diameter: 27.5mm
  • Bore: 15.5mm
  • Weight: 22g
  • Branded Cloth Pipe Bag
  • Gift Boxed
The finest French export second only to Dom Perignon!

Butz Choquin pipes are hand crafted from the finest Mediterranean Briar according to a meticulous manufacturing process that has been perfected over a 140 year history through 4 generations. Every Butz Choquin briar block is dried naturally over several months before being passed through the hands of no fewer than 80 craftsmen until the final pipe is polished and inspected ready to be re-homed.


So ……………your a lady pipe smoker sat reading this just to gather evidence before ringing us up to give us a bollocking for being judgemental and sexist or your a guy reading this for a laugh to snub anyone smoking one!
Well before you do please note it is not our choice to call this a Ladies pipe.

The idea behind the Butz Choquin ladies pipe stems from many moons ago when an abundance of dainty ladies smoked pipes but to keep their appearance quaint they kept the pipes small. Being “ladies” they also required a cool smooth smoking pipe to stop their voices becoming coarse and manly!
So Butz Choquin and other pipe manufacturers began naming some of their models that suited ladies of the day “ladies pipes.” They weren’t actually designed just for ladies but it was a good marketing exercise.

The ladies pipe has faded over time and as far as we know Butz Choquin are the only company that calls their small bowled, long stemmed pipes, ladies pipes as the name tends to put the gentleman off and the modern day female pipe smokers tend to have similar tastes to men. But we like it as it gives the brand some character and keeps the heritage alive.

So to sum up these are not just for ladies, in fact Butz Choquin claim more men buy them than ladies as they provide a cool smooth smoke without needing to commit a full half hour!