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Bull Brand Butt Bucket Budget Windproof Ashtray (GREEN)

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  • Diameter: 82mm
  • Height: 110mm
  • Windproof
  • Fit in cup holders
  • Extinguishes Cigarettes in seconds
  • Helps Contain Smoke

Back by Popular Demand

Simple, Usability that won't break the bank!

Nice ashtrays are getting harder and harder to come by especially under the £10 mark but these Butt Buckets are a steal and don't come much better!

They aren't breaking any new fashion trends but they are very useable with a discreet appearance perfect for pub beer gardens and cafe's etc. The unique design extinguishes the cigarette very quickly once dropped into the centre hole which contains the smoke and butt ends very effectively and stops the cigarette smouldering. Some bright spark (see what we did there) came up with the idea of designing them to fit in car cup holders for those who don't have children in the car and can smoke freely!

Simply remove the lid and tip the contents out. Clean, Simple, Easy.

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