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Blueberry Tobacco Flavour Spray (15ml Bottle)


As you probably know all of the flavoured hand rolling tobaccos are being discontinued as it will become illegal to sell them as of May. But don't worry! we have the solution! Tobacco Flavour Sprays. These sprays allow you to flavour your tobaccos just as you have been accustomed to, ranging from Coconut to Vanilla, these are the perfect solution to a bad situation.

The Original Tobacco Flavour Company Flavour Spray is a flavoured liquid intended to enhance the flavour and character of your tobacco.

Can be used with any type of smoking tobacco, simply spread your tobacco out and spray as required.

How to use 1. Spray directly onto tobacco in pouch. (4 - 5 sprays per 25g - 30g of rolling tobacco.) 2. Gently mix. 3. Leave spray to settle in over night. 4. Enjoy your favourite flavoured tobacco

Blueberry flavour.

This spray is a flavour enhancer for hand-rolling tobacco produced by The Original Tobacco Flavour Company. It has a beautiful flavour of Blueberry which really enhances your standard tobacco.

Flavours up to approx. 500g of tobacco (based on 4 squirts per 25g). 15ml spray bottle.

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