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BBB London Made Plateaux Briar Freehand Pipe 4272-24 (Dual Stem)

QTY Price
Single Boxed Briar Smoking Pipe £136.99

  • Overall Length: 170mm
  • Overall Height: 68mm
  • Bowl Height: 68mm
  • Bowl Diameter: 43mm
  • Bore: 21.5mm
  • Weight: 55g
  • One off pipe
  • Filter: Condensing / Stinger
  • Cloth Pipe Bag Included
  • Gift Boxed

BBB (Britain’s Best Briars) London Made Pipes
One of a handful of pipe manufacturers that can truly call themselves London Made. BBB pipes have been around for well over a century in the Oppenheimer factory with their flagship brand Comoy’s. We haven’t seen any new releases from BBB for quite a while so it is a much welcomed surprise to see some new BB pipes coming out of the woodwork. (Pun Intentional)
BBB has been waiting in the shadows for a number of years now as the availability of Briar has made it difficult to produce a reliable range of high grade series pipes.
It was with great delight that we came across these new BBB freehand pipes made from sublime Plateaux briar which is hopefully a sign that we will start seeing more BB in our racks. Or even better are they moving into the freehand market which is where The Black Swan Shoppe’s Passion really lies.

Freehand Pipes:
Each freehand pipe is totally unique and you will never see one alike. Only a handful of carvers in the world are good enough to be given the reigns to go freehand. The Briar blocks are cut from the outer layer of the burl (exterior) of the Briar root, known as Plateaux. This is the finest area of the Briar root and produces the most striking grain pattern and highest quality Briar. Many freehands will leave the Burl on the rim of the bowl which adds unrivaled character and is testament to the fact the pipe has been carved from the premium section of the root.
Most freehands are larger pipes with thick walls, this combined with the natural properties of the Briar taken from this are of the root make them very heat resilient pipes.