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Auld Kendal Gold Menthol Hand Rolling/Tubing Tobacco (Loose)

QTY Price
Single Pouch 30g £12.50
Single Pouch 50g £20.65
100g (2x50g Pouches) £41.15
200g (4x50g Pouches) £81.40
300g (6x50g Pouches) £121.50
500g (10x50g Pouches) £200.20
500g (1x500g Bag) £196.85

  • Loose Packaged to Order
  • Smooth
  • Fine Cut
  • No Stalk
  • No Chemical flavour

The Auld Kendal is designed specifically for Hand Rolling but the majority of our customers who use cigarette tubes find the Auld Kendal is also suited to tubing. When you first use it we would recommend letting it dry out a little as tubing specific tobacco is generally drier to make tubing easier. However once you get used to tubing with it you will probably want to use it moist as it will smoke smoother and make your cigarette more enjoyable.

The Auld Kendal Gold Menthol is a high quality, Pure Virginia blend, which has been enhanced with an invigorating menthol twist.
All of the tobacco’s in the Auld Kendal range are very clean, containing very little of the stem and produce a very natural flavour without the chemical harshness present in many modern tobaccos.
The Gold provides an easy going, smooth, smoke which shouldn’t offend even the least experienced smoker.

Loose packaged to order:
Here at the Black Swan Specialist Tobacconist we buy our Auld Kendal Gold Menthol, Hand Rolling, Tobacco in half kilo bags. This means we hand package your tobacco and inspect every strand before it reaches you.