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**DISCONTINUED** SIGNATURE Blend Brazilian Amber Leaf Origin 30g Pouch

Single 30g Pouch £13.90
3 x 30g Pouches (90g) £41.70
5 x 30g Pouches (150g) £69.50

** This product is not currently available. **

Sadly JTI have decided that they don’t sell enough (make enough money) from this blend to justify the effort of making it. So sadly the only Organic blend available in 2019 has now disappeared. However do not panic The Black Swan Shoppe is working with a company to produce an Organic hand rolling tobacco. Please contact us for details.

* 30g Sealed Pouch
* Fine Cut Hand Rolling Tobacco
* Virginia and Burley Tobacco
* Pack of 50 papers included
* Mild-Medium Flavour

Why buy this tobacco??
Erm well we’ve never been a bigger supporter of the global tobacco giants who manufacture this tobacco as they have never supported us so we have always encourage our customers to support more moral manufacturers. However as these tobaccos are now being delisted by the supermarkets we want to support our customers who want these brands. Hopefully in turn the tobacco giants will one day support the Specialist high street Tobacconists.

The amber leaf hand rolling tobacco is probably one of the most popular commercial brands of hand rolling tobacco mainly due to it’s lower price tag. The Amber Leaf Signature Blend is a Brazilian blend which contains organically grown tobacco leaf. A European first for the roll your own category, Amber Leaf Signature Blend answers a demand from over 70% of existing adult smokers who declare an interest in organically grown tobacco.

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