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Zig Zag Regular Cigarette 7.5mm Filter Tips (Full Box 10 Packs)

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10 Packs (1000 Cigarette Filters) £6.00

Full Box of Cigarette Filters (10 Packs)
Not only do you substantially save money on buying your Cigarette Filters in Bulk but you also make sure you never run out of your favourite filters and have to make that late night dash to the supermarket so you can have a fag!

  • Length: 14mm
  • Diamater: 7.5 mm
  • 100 Filters per pack

For as long as we can remember we have actively endorsed Zig Zag cigarette papers due to their commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.
Its taken us a while to get round to it but we have now added the Zig Zag Regular 6mm cigarette filters to our shelves.
As usual they have gone that extra mile. Zig Zag use the industry standard cotton fibrous filter material but have encased them in a paper sleeve. This helps get a better seal between the cigarette paper and the filter, which improves the draw on the cigarette and they come in a re-sealable bag. Not everyone is a fan of the cellophane wrapped sticks but the alternative is a loose box or bag, which are prone to spillages.