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Zig Zag Automatic Cigarette Rolling Machine (Box/Tin)

** This product is not currently available. **

We believe the Zig Zag automatic box machines are the best quality auto box produced. The tin is better quality and the blind is a longer lasting thicker material. This is a bit springy to begin with but after a bit of use becomes more pliable.

The Zig Zag tin has a concaved shape with rounded edges, which makes it much more comfortable in the pocket. The automatic tin is also adjustable and will roll the standard and slimline filter tips from 8mm to 6mm. Pleas note they will not roll the 5mm ultra slimline tips.

Automatic Rolling Machine Tins: Portable convenient and very easy to use. These machines hold all your tobacco papers and filter tips and are a doddle to use. Simply place the desired amount of tobacco and add a filter if required. Then lick the paper place it along the back and close the lid. Hey presto! Perfect cigarettes every time.

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