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Xikar Silver V Cut Cigar Cutter 155SL

QTY Price
Single Gift Boxed Cigar Cutter £44.99

  • Length: 101mm
  • Width: 40mm
  • Depth: 13mm
  • Weight: 46g
  • Cuts Up to 64 Ring Gauge
  • V Cut Cutter
  • Gift Boxed

Cigar Cutters:
Trimming the end of a premium cigar can be done in many ways and makes a massive difference to the smoking character of the cigar. If done badly the cigar will smoke uneven and in extreme cases can totally unravel.

Xikar V-Cut Cutter:
The fashion in preparing a Cigar over the last decade has swayed towards the guillotine method as V cutters have almost become extinct but as we all know trends change and we have been asked for more and more for V Cutters recently. So we saw these and snapped them up. A very reasonable priced cigar cutter from a reputable brand.

The attractive metal V-Cut will handle cigar caps up to 64 Ring Gauge. XIKAR’s V-Cut has the finest workmanship and inverted blade design produces a clean cut every time. The VX Metal V-Cut Cutter produces a unique wedge shaped notch on the cigar cap,

Some Cigar enthusiasts prefer a neat wedge cutting out of the tip of the Cigar sometimes referred to as “cats-eye”.
This maintains the outer structure of the Cigar and can prevent those pieces of the wrapper dislodging during the early stages of the smoke.

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