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Xikar Cigar Bar (Cigar Humidifier)

  • Re-Useable
  • Regulates humidity
  • Takes the space of one cigar
  • Can be stored in contact with cigars
  • Lasts for months (depending on conditions)
  • Length: 144mm
  • Width: 20mm
  • Height: 15mm

Maintaining humidity in your humidor: It's one of those questions we must get 10 times a day:

"Do you have to store your cigars at the right temperature?" "What does that dial say on the front of your cigar box?" "Should I store my cigars in the fridge"

You can either buy a humidor and add distilled water regularly while watching your hygrometer like a hawk or simply buy one of these. Fill with Xikar glycol fluid and it does all the work for you releasing moisture into the air as the humidity drops. The Cigar Bar is already pre-loaded with Glycol fluid which depending on the conditions can last for months then simply top up with more glycol fluid. These can be used in your humidor, a Cigar case or if you want to keep things basic a tupperware style box with a few holes to allow your Cigars to breath.

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