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Wolf Solingen Steel Double Blade Cigar Cutter Brushed Chrome effect

  • Cuts Up to 52 Ring Guage

Trimming the end of a premium cigar can be done in many ways and makes a massive difference to the smoking character of the cigar. If done badly the cigar will smoke un-even and can unravel.

The main aim is to clear a passage in the end cap of the cigar without damaging the carefully rolled filler or the outer leaf. Wolf Solingen Steel double cigar cutters are the cutter of choice for our retail outlets. We trim a lot of Cigars for our customers and damaging even one premium cigar can ruin the profits for the day and leave a member of staff on tea and coffee duties for the rest of the week.

In the retail outlets we are less attentive to high grade Gold or Silver handles or laser engraving we just want a cutter that does the job first time every time. Budget cutters usually concentrate more on cosmetics than the cut. The Wolf Solingen cutters use a high grade German steel that far exceeds the steel on many ï¾£50 cutters. The double cutting edge ensures an effortless cut with no snagging and prevents the cigar wrapper being trapped in the recess. The Wolf cutters are also blocked on one side leaving about 3mm gap behind the blade. This is the optimum cut for 90% of premium cigars meaning you can never slip and over trim the cigar. If you are cutting a Torpedo simply cut twice or in some cases three times until you have achieved the desired trim.

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