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**DISCONTINUED** Wessex Deluxe Briar British Made Churchwarden Reading Pipe (26)

** This product is not currently available. **


  • Overall Length: 250mm
  • Overall Height: 127mm
  • Bowl Height: 40mm
  • Bowl Diameter: 32mm
  • Bore: 19mm
  • Filter: None
  • Weight: 29g

Wessex British Made Reading Pipes: British made! .........Yes .......... you did read that right these Briars are actually made in Britain. British made pipes are very rare nowadays as suppliers look across the water for more competitive pipe manufacturers so if these pipe didn't appeal just by the looks and unique size they should be in your basket by now!

It is well documented that Churchwarden pipes smoke cooler than standard pipes, which is due to the extra distance the smoke has to travel. This gives the smoke more time to cool. Churchwardens are also known as Reading pipes as the bowl is kept away from the face allowing the smoker to read a book at the same time. The wessex pipes fill a nice gap in the pipe market as there aren't many small bowled reading pipes as there once was. They aren't as long as the traditional churchwarden and the bowls are smaller for those who want a more discreet and lightweight pipe for shorter smokes.

Wessex Deluxe Churchwarden The Wessex Deluxe churchwardens are made from a higher quality of briar than the budget range but still with the same great quality craftsmanship. Available in numerous different shapes and sizes which means you'll be sure to find one that suits.

Dimensions: This is a handmade pipe therefore dimensions, grain and general finish will vary from pipe to pipe so the quoted dimensions and image are intended as a guide only.

Briar Display Block: Please note the block of Briar in the picture is for display only and is not included.

PLEASE NOTE: This is a generic image that we have taken from a random selection of this pipe model from our stocks. It is unlikely to be the exact pipe you will receive. Due to the nature of the raw material used and this being a handmade product there will be some slight variation in grain, colour and finish. There could also be a slight variation in the dimensions provided.

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