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**DISCONTINUED** Vulfix Old English Persian Musk Luxury Shaving Cream (225ml)

Single 225ml Tub £15.99

** This product is not currently available. **

This shaving cream is no longer available, we have left the listing on here for historical reference and interest.

  • 225ml
  • 180g
  • Made in britain

The Vulfix Old English enjoys worldwide recognition for the quality of their luxurious Shaving products and amazingly their impact on the wet shaving world only began in 1954. They have survived the power and impact of marketing from the global companies such as Gillette and now traditional shaving is making a comeback as the general public are beginning to see past the marketing efforts.

Their Old English Shaving cream was the first cream we stocked in our retail outlets and we have struggled to keep it on the shelves since. When applied with a brush soaked in warm water it produces one of the richest lathers on the market aiding in a smoother, cleaner and less irritable shave and eliminates the need for multiple blade razors.

The Old English, Persian Musk luxury tinted shaving cream is fragranced with a exotic Persian Musk for a truly luxurious start to the day. The Vulfix Old English shaving cream should be lathered with a quality shaving brush that has been soaked in hot water before applying to the face in a circular motion.

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