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Vector 04 Leather Lighter Pouch / Case

QTY Price
Single Leather Lighter Pouch £9.99

External Dimensions

  • Height: 92 mm
  • Width: 29 mm
  • Depth: 31mm

Estimated max lighter dimensions

  • Height: 87 mm
  • Width: 22 mm
  • Depth: 24mm

Lighter pouches seem to have been forgotten by most Lighter manufactures in the modern lighter market as some of the major companies don’t even provide a fabric pouch with your lighter any more.

So it was very much to our surprise when a customer pointed out that one of the companies who’s products we already endorse actually makes pouches and we’d never noticed. So the first thing we did was order some and we weren’t disappointed. They are no where near the quality of a Dunhill lighter case but at a quarter of the price they are great and will protect the finish of that expensive lighter from the coins and keys in your pocket and vastly extend the life of your lighter.

Please note The estimated lighter dimensions above are only a guide. The shape and other dimensions will affect other dimensions as the pouch stretches so we cannot guarantee these sizes. We have played it safe with the estimates so there should be room for stretching of the leather.