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V2 Chainsaw Cold White Tobacco Snus Chew Bags (45mg Nicotine)

QTY Price
Single Tub of Chewing Bags £8.55
3 Tubs of Chewing Bags £25.35
6 Tubs of Chewing Bags £50.50

Weight: 14g
Strength: 45mg/g Nicotine.
Contents: Each pack contains approximately 15 chew bags.

V2 Chainsaw Cold White Chew Bags.
Let’s start the chainsaw massacre! The Chainsaw Cold White Chewing Bags tingle initially under the upper lip. A peppermint aroma with a distinct tobacco taste in the background fills the mouth. After about a minute, the nicotine begins to work. The peppermint-menthol aroma is slowly but steadily decreasing and a strong tobacco taste with musky hints becomes more and more present. Nicotine levels increase noticeably from minute to minute. After about 5 minutes, the reviewer feels the sheer effect of the chainsaw!

A powerful chew with a delicious peppermint note.

How to use
Insert the chew bag between the jaw and cheek, it will give off taste and nicotine for at least an hour. If you prefer a stronger taste gently squeeze between your teeth.
The tub contains a handy compartment in the top to discard of your used bags.

The Chainsaw Cold White Chewing Bags have a very high nicotine content! If you feel too much effect, please remove the Chewing Bag immediately from your lip.