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**SOLD** Tom Spanu Italian Artisan High Grade Olivewood Pipe 01

Single Boxed Briar Smoking Pipe £115.00

** This product is not currently available. **

One lucky customer has snapped up this special pipe.
We have left the description and imagery here for historical reference and interest.

* Overall Length: 151mm
* Overall Height: 52mm
* Bowl Height: 52mm
* Bowl Diameter: 47mm
* Bore: 21mm
* Weight: 77g
* Deluxe Pipe Bag
* Branded Gift Box

Tommaso Spanu:
Tomasso Spanu is a highly experienced master pipe maker who began his apprenticeship in 1963 before forming his own company in 1979.
They are the only pipe manufacturer in the world that grows, harvests and mills their own Briar. They restrict manufacture to around 1,000 hand made pipes per year as they are passionate about quality over mass production. Their methods of harvesting, seasoning and attention to detail are matched by no other manufacturer. Every Briar block is boiled in naturally purified water and the finishing of the pipes is done using organic products including boiled herbs and bark.

Tommaso Spanu Olivewood 01:
Olive Woods and quite simply “WOW!” As lovers of Briar this just send our compass spinning! The grain and natural beauty of Olive Wood is simply stunning and with the smoking qualities to match do not be surprised if you see our website flooded with Olivewoods over the coming years.
Olive wood is a harder wood than Briar, which means it will take more breaking in than Briar to produce a good cake but the effort should be much rewarded. Many have reported a slight Olive taste as a reward during breaking in Olive wood pipes but this is not always the case.
And the aesthetics…….. well we’re sure you have your own eyes!

The 01 is the first Olive wood we have seen with such uniformed grain patterning. It is still wild and characterful but it is more orderly. Upon closer inspection we are wondering if this is the Spanu carvers learning to tame the Olivewoods as they get more experienced working with it as both pipes we have got in this batch seem more uniformed and go with the flow of the carving.
The grain on this pipe flow right down the shank and whoever decided to put the marbled stem on to mirror the grain was just a genius!! There is an inlaid Briar band on the end of the shank which is a nice subtle bit of styling.
What can we say we love it!