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Tom Spanu Artisan High Grade Briar Pipe Flawless F2 02

QTY Price
Single Boxed Briar Smoking Pipe £169.99

  • Overall Length: 136mm
  • Overall Height: 70mm
  • Bowl Height: 52mm
  • Bowl Diameter: 45mm
  • Bore: 22mm
  • Weight: 66g
  • Deluxe Pipe Bag
  • Branded Gift Box

Tommaso Spanu:
Tomasso Spanu is a highly experienced master pipe maker who began his apprenticeship in 1963 before forming his own company in 1979.
They are the only pipe manufacturer in the world that grows, harvests and mills their own Briar. They restrict manufacture to around 1,000 hand made pipes per year as they are passionate about quality over mass production. Their methods of harvesting, seasoning and attention to detail are matched by no other manufacturer. Every Briar block is boiled in naturally purified water and the finishing of the pipes is done using organic products including boiled herbs and bark.

Tommaso Spanu Flawless High Grade F2 02:
Once the exceptional Italian Briar has been hand carved into bowls in the Spanu workshop each bowl is graded before finishing. The F Series represents the flawless grains followed by F2 which is exceptional. There is talk of an F3 but one hasn’t emerged from the factory worthy of such a grading in the last 30 years which illustrates how rare the F and F2 pipes are. They are the best of the best and that’s saying something coming from Italy!

Well what is not to like about the 02, this pipe just oozes Italian styling and quality. There is an exceptionally tight flame grain wrapping the entire bowl with a distinct change on the rim as a beautiful tight birdseye shows the cross section of the grain. Amazingly the grain pattern changes at the base of the shank leading perfectly up to the mouthpiece.
It’s almost as if the Briar was growing itself intentionally for this pipe.
This is the second time we have seen a pipe like this from Spanu so we think there is a gem of a pipe craftsman (or woman) in the ranks with x-ray vision! Or maybe we should just give them credit and admit they are a genius!
The craftsman has done an exceptional job in carving this pipe to follow the grain. The pipe is finished with a real horn peg leading to the mouthpiece. There is also an inlaid piece of hand carved horn for the band which has beautiful marbling on it.
An exceptional piece of craftsmanship!