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Thunder X Iceboom Extra Strong Tobacco Snus Chew Bags (45mg Nicotine)

QTY Price
Single Tub of Chewing Bags £8.55
3 Tubs of Chewing Bags £25.35
6 Tubs of Chewing Bags £50.50

Weight: 13g
Strength: 45mg/g Nicotine.
Contents: Each pack contains approximately 24 chew bags.

Thunder X Iceboom Chew Bags.
Thunder X IceBoom White Dry combines ultra strong tobacco with an incredible icy sensation. With 45mg/g nicotine it is one of the strongest chew products available. IceBoom has a smooth tobacco taste and you can smell the extreme mint and menthol flavor even before you put a portion under your lip.

The white dry portions guarantee low drip and a longlasting flavor and nicotine release.

The high nicotine level in all Thunder chewing tobacco is achieved by adding a higher ratio of tobacco leaves, increasing the strength the natural way. No pharmaceutical nicotine is added, natural tobacco all the way!

How to use
Insert the chew bag between the jaw and cheek, it will give off taste and nicotine for at least an hour. If you prefer a stronger taste gently squeeze between your teeth.
The tub contains a handy compartment in the top to discard of your used bags.

The Thunder X Iceboom Chew Bags have a very high nicotine content! If you feel too much effect, please remove the Chewing Bag immediately from your lip.