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**DISCONTINUED** Swan Black Extra Slim Carbon / Charcoal Filter Tips (5mm)

Full Box (20 Packs) £17.00

** This product is not currently available. **

For some strange reason Swan have now discontinued this line just as awareness was building and they were becoming popular. We have left the description here for historical interest and reference.

For an alternative Carbon activated Filter we would recommend the Mascotte Carbon Filters.

* Length: 12mm
* Diameter: 5mm
* Charcoal
* 120 Filter Tips

Swan Carbon Activated Smooth Filter Tips
The Swan Extra Slim Smooth Carbon filters are not a new idea. Filters containing activated Carbon have been introduced before but where packaged in inconvenient packets and the price was not viable. Swan have now seen the light and have adopted charcoal filters.
Carbon is very absorbent and due to its very high surface area, Carbon is one of the best materials for filtration. Two thin fibre filters hold a layer of activated carbon in the centre of the filter. As the smoke passes through, the charcoal absorbs a large amount of tar, nicotine and other impurities without affecting the draw or flavour like a standard fibre filter. The result is a smoother, more flavoursome smoke.

A neat and convenient sized pack containing 120 super slim activated carbon tips. Swan Extra Slim Filter tips are packed in strips of cellophane tubes for easy storing and protection of your tips.

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