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**DISCONTINUED** Stubbi Pocket Ashtray and Chewing Gum Storage

** This product is not currently available. **

Unfortunately these handy little ashtrays have now been discontinued in the colour shown. We are hoping to source a new colour in the near future

  • Pocket Size
  • Holds Chewing Gum
  • Fire Proof

THE STUBBI! The stubbi Chewing Gum and pocket ashtray rose to fame when the government introduced a ban stopping people smoking outdoors closely followed by heft fines for dropping your tab ends on the floor! So your smoking outside and the council hasn't got round to putting up ashtrays yet as the CCTV camera at the top of the street bankrupt them. So you put it in your pocket or chuck it on the floor and accept your70 fine right? WRONG! YOU BUY A STUBBY! A safe pocket ashtray and extinguisher for your cigarettes. It also comes with foil wrappers for chewing gum so it doesn't make a mess in the bottom of your Stubbi!

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