< Stanwell Trio 9mm Filter Briar Pipes

Stanwell Trio Brown Polished 9mm Filter Briar Pipe 95

QTY Price
Single Boxed Briar Pipe £86.99

  • Overall Length: 148mm
  • Overall Height: 39mm
  • Bowl Height: 39mm
  • Bowl Diameter: 52mm
  • Bore: 20mm
  • Weight: 72g
  • Branded Box
  • 9mm Absorbent Filter
  • Cloth pipe bag included

Stanwell is the rock of the pipe world. As many brands go in and out of fashion through the decades so does their quality and reputation. Ever since WWII Stanwell has consistently delivered quality Briars that smoke cool and outlast pipes of twice the price. They were the Pioneers of the high end factory made pipes. Before Stanwell if you wanted a high quality Briar you bought a hand made with the associated price tag as it was near on impossible to produce a high end pipe on a production line. Stanwell revolutionised the approach to pipe manufacturing with a state of the art manufacturing process that took high end Briar blocks but through efficiency reduced labor times and therefore the price tag. The process still required over 120 stages to produce a finished piece but a modern approach and an emphasis on attention to detail by experienced craftsmen took the factory produced pipe to a whole new level. To this day Stanwell still have the most modern pipe factory in the world and still source only high end Briar blocks.

Stanwell Trio 95
The Stanwell Trio 95 Briar Pipe is a ………… erm… ok without intensive research we aren’t exactly sure what shape this bowl is so we are calling it the severed apple. A severed Apple is, as the name would suggest an apple bowl but the top has been lobbed off so you get a shallow bowl with thick Briar walls. The exaggerated wall depth helps prevent the pipe from overheating and the reduced height helps to keep weight and bulk of the pipe to a minimal. A cooler pipe means a cooler, smoother, sweeter smoke. Overall I don’t think we need to tell you how stunning this pipe is with it’s rich brown stain highlighting it’s beautiful grain.

9mm Absorbent Filter
The Stanwell Trio are designed for use with the absorbent 9mm Filters. The larger diameter allows more smoke to pass through the filter, with less restriction, which makes for a better draw compared to the 6mm filters. The 9mm pipe filters has a very high surface area resulting in excellent absorption of the tar as the smoke passes through without affecting draw or flavour.
No mess no fuss, simply throw the filter in the bin when it turns a dark brown colour.
The pipes have a standard 9mm bore so can be used with any brand of 9mm filter if preferred. Alternatively the filter can be removed altogether for smokers who prefer a totally un-restricted full on smoke.

This is a generic image that we have taken from a random selection of this pipe model from our stocks. It is unlikely to be the exact pipe you will receive. Due to the nature of the raw material used and this being a handmade product there will be some variation in grain, colour and finish.
There could also be a slight variation in the dimensions provided.