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**SOLD OUT** Stanwell Pipe Of The Year 2015 (Limited Edition 9mm Briar Pipe)

Single Boxed Briar Pipe £119.99

** This product is not currently available. **

This was a limited edition pipe and we have now sold out all of our allocation. As usual we have left the listing one our website for historical reference and interest.

* Overall Length: 140mm
* Overall Height: 48mm
* Bowl Height: 48mm
* Bowl Diameter: 46mm
* Bore: 21mm
* Weight: 45g
* Branded Box
* 9mm Absorbent Filter
* Cloth pipe bag included

Stanwell Pipe Of The Year
Stanwell has had some turbulent times in the UK for the last few years as distributors have changed and supply has been disrupted.
We are delighted that the tide has turned as normal standards have been restored to the point we were even offered the limited editions. We snapped them up without a second thought. Stanwells limited edition pipes are always something special without being too abstract and we think the 2015’s are the best yet.
What can we say ….. unique, elegant and just damned desirable.

Stanwell Pipe Of The Year 2015
Stanwell have named this creation a half bent panel Dublin shape. Stanwell reserve the years best Briar blocks especially for the pipe of the year and this is very evident with the stunning grain pattern, which has been enhanced with a rich brown staining on the bowl.
They have included a marbled Green and black stem, which has been inlaid with a stunning Birch wood inlay in memory of the famous stanwell number one bulldog shape which was made in birch wood.
The pipe is finished with a classy 925 silver inlay stamped “Stanwell 2015”

9mm Absorbent Filter
The Stanwell pipe of the year 2015 is designed for use with the absorbent 9mm Filters. The larger diameter allows more smoke to pass through the filter, with less restriction, which makes for a better draw compared to the 6mm filters. The 9mm pipe filters has a very high surface area resulting in excellent absorption of the tar as the smoke passes through without affecting draw or flavour.
No mess no fuss, simply throw the filter in the bin when it turns a dark brown colour.
The pipes have a standard 9mm bore so can be used with any brand of 9mm filter if preferred. Alternatively the filter can be removed altogether for smokers who prefer a totally unrestricted full on smoke.