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Stainless Steel Polished Tankard 1 Pint (081038)

  • Height: 108mm
  • Width: 102mm
  • Depth: 90mm
  • Holds: 1 Pint / 568ml

Straight Polished Pewter Tankard Sometimes trying to be too clever and intricate can be counter-productive, and keeping things simple is often a better course of action, as evidenced by this beautiful one-pint tankard. This tankard has a highly polished straight, plain body that creates an elegant and stylish effect when twinned with the modern square handle. Composed of Stainless Steel, the tankard will not tarnish and makes an ideal gift that will endure for years to come. The 19cm tall and 8cm wide tankard has oodles of room for our outstanding engravers to add your own individual dedication or message, and will arrive with you in a black presentation box.

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