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Solani 763 White & Black Broken Flake Pipe Tobacco (50g Tin)

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Solani Dutch Pipe Tobacco Solani is a relatively new brand to the pipe world but don't be deceived the founder has a vast knowledge of blending and has been responsible for the blending of extremely popular Tobacco's such as Borkum Riff, which is one of our biggest sellers. Rudiger Will has a very strong passion for the art of blending, which is a complex process and requires decades of experience and understanding of every aspect of the leaf from soil PH to the light it's grown in. Many companies claim they use the finest Tobacco to produce their blends but Solani truly only use the finest aged leaves for maxim depth of flavour. As many companies rely on past recipes and heavy casings to create the perfect Tobacco we can safely say that Rudiger Will is one of the last true "master blenders" in the world today. The blend numbers on the tin are closing on 1000 recipes, which shows the number of corrections he has made to create the perfect blend for your enjoyment.

Solani 763 White & Black Broken Flake Pipe Tobacco The Solani White & Black 763 is blended from a balanced blend of the finest Dark Virginia, Black Cavendish and Latakia Leaves. The blend is then pressed into a flake and cooked under pressure to intensify the flavour and bring out the natural sweetness of the Tobacco before being broken up into a ready rubbed form for your convenience and enjoyment. No additional casing or flavouring is added to this blend so the true Tobacco flavours and expert blending can be fully appreciated and enjoyed.

Broken Flake Pipe Tobacco: The Solani 763 comes in Broken Flake form. This as the name suggests is a Flake tobacco but has been broken up for added convenience. It may require a little rubbing depending on the burn rate you require.

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