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**DISCONTINUED** Smoking King Size Red Cigarette Papers

Single Packet £0.60
5 Packets £2.70
10 Packets £4.80
Full Box (50 Packs) £19.00

** This product is not currently available. **

Unfortunately the Smoking Red King Size have been de-listed from the UK market. We have left the description here for historical reference and interest,

* Length: 110mm
* Width: 53mm
* Weight: 13.8 gsm
* Per Pack: 33 Leaves

We now have a regular, reliable supply of the much sort after Smoking papers. There have been supply problems of this premium brand over the last couple of years but we believe this is the end. Now sit back and enjoy your favourite skins!

The Smoking Red King Size are premium, ultra lightweight ‘deluxe,’ king size rice paper made slightly thicker for easier rolling or a fatter cigarette. True to standard the Smoking King Size Red papers are made with 100% natural Arabic gum for a chemical free, tasteless paper with good sticking power.