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Smoking 110mm King Size Cigarette Rolling Machine

Select the size you want:

  • Long Lasting Blind
  • 110mm for slim papers


Smoking K.S. Cigarette Rolling Machine: The usual high quality associated with Smoking products in our favourite King Size rolling machine. The Smoking machine is the only King Size machine we recommend. The design is simple and easy to use and has a long lasting subtle blind without any need for bedding in. Being 110mm they will fit most sized papers, why restrict yourself with a smaller machine?

Our only complaint 'why don't they make a regular sized machine?!'

Rolling machines: Make your own cigarettes, quickly and conveniently with your choice of tobacco and paper. From a fine cut, mild tobacco with a thin filter in hemp paper paper to a strong, dark, thick cut tobacco without a filter using slow burning paper. Rolling machines are self adjusting and will take any sized filter or can be used without. They are also much more compact so fit easily into your pocket.

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