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**Discontinued** Sikarlan Leather Bound Book Hidden Cigar Humidor Set

Single Boxed Humidor £79.99

** This product is not currently available. **

External Dimensions

  • Length: 290mm
  • Width: 200mm
  • Depth: 74mm
  • Cedar Lined
  • Humidification sponge
  • Analogue Hygrometer
  • Removable Cedar Dividers
  • Cigar Cutter
WOW just WOW!
We can’t put into words how much we love this Humidor!
Are you a secret Cigar enthusiast?
Do you live in a house full of Cigar smokers who steal your favourites?
Do you just want a unique humidor for your kitchen table?

Any of the above ……… well this is the humidor for you.

The humidor looks very realistic as a book and the colouring just oozes sophistication and character. You could put this on your bookshelf and nobody would guess apart from the fact it doesn’t have any wording on it. But if they are looking that hard then surely they deserve to share some of your secret stash?

The humidor is Cedar lined which retains moisture and helps with the ageing of premium Cigars. The Cedar dividers will hold up to five 51 ring gauge Cigars of 178mm in length (generally Churchill size) or the dividers can be removed to give you a 78mm x 178mm x 25mm compartment.