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**Discontinued** Sharrow Cigarette Tubes 100's

Single Box (Jiffy Bag) £0.90
5 Boxes (500 Tubes) Jiffy £4.15
10 Boxes (1000 Tubes) Box £8.80
30 Boxes (3000 Tubes) Box £23.05
45 Boxes (4500 Tubes) Box £32.60
100 Boxes (10000 Tubes) Box £67.99

** This product is not currently available. **

Wilsons of Sharrow decided to discontinue their line of tubes as Mascotte entered the UK market and produced the same quality tubes at a price they could not compete with. Wilsons of Sharrow now supply the Mascotte brand under their portfolio in support of the brand.

  • 100 Empty/Blank Cigarettes

With a compatible tubing machine and the high quality Sharrow King Size tubes, you can produce enjoyable, yet professional looking cigarettes using the tobacco of your choice. Please see our help pages for a helpful guide on how to use a tubing machine.

These tubes will fit any tubing machine excluding the Rizla Concept machine (all other machines are a universal fit) The Wilsons of Sharrow tubes are noticeably cheaper than the Rizla Concept tubes. Rizla have discounted their machine so that you will naturally buy their machine. They then make more money out of you on the sales of tubes. There is no difference in quality!

Tobacco choice: The finer and drier the tobacco the easier it will fit into these tubes. Good quality tobacco’s such as the Auld Kendal range can be slightly damp but smoke nicer than tubing specific tobacco’s. We would recommend letting your tobacco dry out a little before tubing until you get the hang of using your machine.

Please note that the discount options are marked clearly with a jiffy bag or a cardboard box. To keep prices competitive we package small quantities in a jiffy bag. We clearly mark these parcels as fragile but they have been known to get damaged in transit. (These are sent entirely at the customers risk)

We cannot accept responsibility for items damaged in the post when sent in a jiffy bag.