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**DISCONTINUED** Santa Damiana Seleccion Especielle Robusto (Box of 10 Cigars)

Box of 10 Cigars £113.00

** This product is not currently available. **

Unfortunately the Santa Damiana Cigars have been removed from sale in the UK. We have left the description and imagery here for historical reference and interest.

* Length: 127mm
* Guage: 50
* Flavour: Mild to Medium
* Dominican
* Hand Rolled Cigars
* Deluxe Branded Box
* Humidor Advised

An stunning, wooden, branded gift box containing 10 Santa Damiana Seleccion Especielle Robusto Cigars, which have been hand rolled in the Dominican Republic.

The Santa Damiana Especielle are a new introduction to the UK. The especielle are made using even finer leaves than the standard Santa Damiana blue range, which manage to maintain a light to medium strength rating but provide more complex flavours and depth to the smoke.

The Santa Damiana Robusto is not an overly long Cigar but the hefty gauge should be approached with caution by the novice cigar smoker. This hefty gauge gives a more intense smoke without the time commitment of a Churchill, yet has more tobacco content. If you enjoy a substantial draw but still thrive for that creaminess a Robusto may just be the cigar for you. If you want a gentle progressing smoke over an evening we would recommend a smaller ring gauge.

Loose Boxed: These Santa Damiana Cigars come loose in a branded gift box. This allows for good ageing and diffusion of flavour but does require the Cigars to be kept in a humidor if they are to be kept for any length of time. If you do not have a humidor and are not sure when they are going to be smoked we would suggest looking at the Santa Damiana Tubulares range.

Please note the Santa Damiana Cigars require cutting or punching before they can be enjoyed!

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