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**DISCONTINUED** Samuel Gawith SP No.1 (Top Mill No.1 Substitute)

** This product is not currently available. **

Here at the Black Swan Shoppe we strive to offer a wide variety of products but quality always comes first. Snuff has a short shelf life so if a blend does not turnover quickly we de list it from our portfolio to guarantee the only snuff we sell is fresh and flavoursome. We are always keen to increase our range so if this blend is one of your favourites and you would buy it on a regular basis we would be delighted to re-stock it for you so please get in touch.

  • Grind: Fine
  • Moisture: Dry
  • Colour: Brown

BUY BRITISH Samuel Gawith's produce some of the finest English Snuffs on the market, which are highly sort after worldwide. Their snuffs are ground the traditional way using the original machinery, which was bought in 1792 from King George the third who had originally used the machinery for grinding gun powder.

The machinery is now well and truly seasoned for tobacco production adding more character to the snuff than the machines used by the global snuff manufacturers. The rest of Samuel Gawiths Snuff production is then carried out by hand including the grading, sieving and scenting according to Bob Gregory's secret recipes using bottled scents that are hundreds of years old and irreplaceable. Unfortunately some of the scents are threatened with extinction as the recipes have been that closely guarded nobody has a clue what's in them.

Samuel Gawith S.P.No.1 Snuff The Samuel Gawith's S.P.No.1 snuff blend is a new blend created by Samuel Gawiths on the request of The Black Swan Shoppe. We saw a gap in the market for a fresh Fine and dry raw snuff. There are similar snuffs but they all seem to come in awkward fiddly sneeze boxes that don't keep it fresh. So we got on the dog and bone to Bob at SG and asked him to send us something. And as always Bob came up with the goods. The first customer to buy a tin in the Scarborough branch came back delighted.
"You've made my year it's remarkably similar to my favorite Top Mill No.1, you can cancel my order for 5 outers of them shitty little tubs of Top Mill and get me a kilo of this instead."

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