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Samuel Gawith Cannon Plug (Aromatic) Loose Pipe Tobacco

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Single Pouch 15g £4.85
Single Pouch 25g £7.95
Single Pouch 50g £15.85
100g (2x50g Pouches) £31.40
200g (4x50g Pouches) £62.15
250g (1 x 250g Box) £76.15
500g (2 x 250g Boxes) £150.70

  • Loose Packaged to order
  • Pressed Plug Blocks
  • Pipe Tobacco

Plug Tobacco:
The Samuel Gawith Plug Tobacco comes in an un-prepared plug form. Plug blocks are cut from a cake, which is produced by fermenting tobacco leaves under immense pressure. A plug requires slicing and rubbing to prepare it for smoking. Leaving large slices or chunks will reduce the burn rate whilst thinner slices will provide a faster more intense burn.
Due to the added fermentation process, plug tends to be full bodied and would only be recommended for the experienced smoker.

Kendal Aromatic Flavouring
The Virginias have some nutty earth and grass. Fermented tangy dark fruit and citrus, with a very light spicy bergamot note. The toppings range from honeydew, a little lemon grass, and a few drops of Lakeland, all of which provide a very sweet, lightly tart taste. This one burns a little slow with a cool and clean, very smooth, richly consistent flavor from start to finish. requires a number of relights, and leaves little moisture in the bowl. Has a nice after taste and room note. It’s almost an all day smoke, and experienced smokers may consider it to be one.

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