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**DISCONTINUED** Ronson Barrel Windproof Element Lighter Anthracite

Single Cigarette Lighter £16.99

** This product is not currently available. **

Unfortunately Ronson have for the time being stopped making gift lighters and we have exhausted all stocks so this lighter is no longer available. We have left the imagery and descriptions here for historical reference and interest.

* Height: 64.5mm
* Width: 34mm
* Ignition: Electronic
* Fuel: Gas
* Flame: Wind Proof Element (Flameless)
* Guarantee: 2 Years
* Gift Box

The Ronson Barrel is a substantial yet attractive and comfortable lighter. The double barrels on either side make for a comfortable and secure grip for even the most slumberous of hands and the ignition is easy. The lighter is well rounded so is still comfortable in the pocket.

The flame is the element style wind proof where you can’t see the flame but it gives off an intense heat which will ignite your cigarette from a couple of cm above the element depending on how high the flame is turned up.

Please Note
Due to postal regulations introduced in 2013 we are no longer allowed to send lighters that contain gas. Your lighter will be supplied with out any gas and will therefore need filling on receipt.