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**SOLD** Tom Spanu Italian Artisan High Grade Limone (Lemonwood) Pipe 02

Single Boxed Briar Smoking Pipe £169.99

** This product is not currently available. **

One very lucky pipe smoker has snapped this beauty up. They are one off hand made pipes but if you would like a pipe producing of similar shape and style then please contact us as we can have one commissioned.

* Overall Length: 135mm
* Overall Height: 58mm
* Bowl Height: 46mm
* Bowl Diameter: 45mm
* Bore: 22mm
* Weight: 64g
* Deluxe Pipe Bag
* Branded Gift Box

Tommaso Spanu:
Tomasso Spanu is a highly experienced master pipe maker who began his apprenticeship in 1963 before forming his own company in 1979.
They are the only pipe manufacturer in the world that grows, harvests and mills their own Briar. They restrict manufacture to around 1,000 hand made pipes per year as they are passionate about quality over mass production. Their methods of harvesting, seasoning and attention to detail are matched by no other manufacturer. Every Briar block is boiled in naturally purified water and the finishing of the pipes is done using organic products including boiled herbs and bark.

Tommaso Spanu Lemonwood 01:
Tom Spanu are currently the only pipe makers in the world who specialise in exotic Lemonwood pipes and it is a difficult material to obtain making them very rare. This is a real shame as it has excellent properties for making smoking pipes.
To look at it is a very attractive wood with a nice tight grain pattern and naturally is a very light creamy yellow colour which doesn’t look dissimilar to an aged meerschaum.
The wood is very heat resilient yet remains porous and light. If you smell the pipes from fresh you can detect a very light citrusy/sandalwood aroma but the flavour is not passed onto the smoke.
There aren’t many smokers who’ve had chance to get their hands on one of these but the reports are supposed to be outstanding giving a sweet cool smoke without any bitterness.

The 01 is a wonderful full bent with an Apple shaped bowl. The grain pattern is very intriguing as it is dramatic on one side yet really smooth and almost grainless on the other. There is still a tight grain when you look closely there is just no change in colour to define the grain. The shank is inlaid with a Briar band which leads to a contrasting Black mouthpiece.