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**RARE** Peterson Pub Pipe Rustic Silver Cap 9mm Briar Pipe 3

  • Overall Length: 137mm
  • Overall Height: 114mm
  • Bowl Height: 65mm
  • Bowl Diameter: 43mm
  • Bore: 21mm
  • Weight: 91g
  • Silver Mount and Cap
  • Filter: 9mm
  • Gift Boxed
  • Cloth pipe bag included

Peterson Pub Pipes The Pub pipe, conceived as a companion to the incredibly popular House pipe, is a series from Peterson that offers some seriously generous sized pipes. Smaller than the House series but larger than Petersons standard fare. These Oom Paul shaped pipes are just the perfect size for occasions that require plenty of smoking time like down the pub with friends and a pint of good Ale. They come in 3 different finishes, Smooth, Warm Oak, or Rusticated and are sure to become an all time classic.

Peterson Silver Cap The Peterson Silver Cap is a union of top grade mellowed briar and hallmarked silver that makes this series much sought after. Using the highest grade bowls, the handcrafted silver work fits the caps to each pipe individually. From the outset this process requires a lot of skill, experience and time in equal measure. The silver compliments the classic pot shape beautifully, accentuating the tight flame grain perfectly.

Peterson System Originally patented in Great Britain and Ireland in 1890, The Peterson System is a small reservoir intended to collect moisture before it reaches the smoker, this makes for a cool smoke that minimizes tongue bite, the bane of every pipe smoker. Indeed, it is on this ground breaking design that the worldwide reputation of Peterson grew.

P.Lip mouthpiece: The Pl.ip is a unique mouthpiece designed to greatly enhance the smokers experience. The lip is shaped to fit the mouth more comfortably with the tongue pressed under the lip. The smoke exits on the top of the lip, which significantly reduces tongue bite from even the most bitter smoking tobacco’s.

PLEASE NOTE: This is a generic image that we have taken from a random selection of this pipe model from our stocks. It is unlikely to be the exact pipe you will receive. Due to the nature of the raw material used and this being a handmade product there will be some variation in grain, colour and finish. There could also be a slight variation in the dimensions provided.

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