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Quintero Nacionales Hand Rolled Cuban Cigars (Pack of 5 Loose Cigars)

QTY Price
Single Pack (5 Cuban Cigars) £44.50

  • Length: 140mm
  • Gauge: 40
  • Flavour: Mild – Medium
  • Machine Rolled
  • Wrapper: Habano
  • Filler: Vuelta Abajo and Semi-Vuelta
  • Short Filler
  • Cuban

A branded box containing 5 loose Cuban Cigars

Quintero Cuban Cigars:
Quintero is a fairly new addition to the UK Cuban Cigar Market but their roots can be traced back to 1924. The brand had concentrated on being a budget friendly machine made offering for passionate Cuban cigar fans who cannot justify the price tag of a premium hand rolled cigar. However in 2002 Habanos SA who control the Cuban Cigar production decided that they wanted to move all Cuban Cigars away from machine made as it was felt that this distracted from the reputation of Cuban Cigars.
It was therefore decided to revamp this iconic brand by altering the manufacturing process to a hand rolled Cigar but using a short filler over long filler which has kept the flavour, price and style of the brand whilst improving the smoking experience.
They are a perfect introduction to Cuban Cigars providing a mild to medium bodied smoke with a sweeter aftertaste.

The Quintero Cigars are packaged loose in a branded Box. The cigars are kept in our humidors until dispatch and preferably should be stored in a humidor as soon as you receive them. If you are planning on smoking them within a couple of weeks the cigars should be okay as long as they are kept sealed in a cool dark place.

The Quintero are a hand rolled Cigar which require cutting before the Cigar can be enjoyed.