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Pure Badger Hair Shaving Travel Set With Leather Case

  • Length: 141mm
  • Width: 100mm
  • Depth: 50mm
  • Pure Badger Hair Brush
  • Genuine Leather Case
  • Contains 10 spare blades

This high quality travel shaving set contains everything you need to keep that stubble at bay. A stunning pure badger, luxury shaving brush made from the finest badger hair for more moisture rich, thick, aerated lather with that luxurious feeling that just isn’t available from a can of Foam or gel! This reduces razor skipping and dragging over the skin for a smoother, less irritable shave.

The larger global shaving companies have managed to single-handedly manipulate the shaving habits of us mere mortals as we regularly hand over substantial amounts of cash to the cashier on the high street for triple and quadruple blades they have convinced us we need to slot into their cheap plastic razors. Can be used with any traditional blade such as the Merkur or Wilkinson Sword. Every Merkur Razor is supplied with one tissue packed blade ready for immediate use.

Blade replacement To replace the blade simply unscrew the handle from the head of the razor. The Razor head can then be split apart to reveal the blade.

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