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Proraso Luxury Green Shaving Lather Cream 150ml Metal Dispenser Tube

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Single 150ml Tube £4.50

  • 150ml
  • Dispenser Tube
  • Luxury Lather
  • Italian Made

Proraso Italian Shaving Cream:
Proraso is a small Italian based company who in the last 80 years have secured themselves as the leading Italian barber shop shaving brand.
If you visit Italy and treat yourself to a wet shave, the likelihood is you will be lathered up with Proraso.

Original Green Cream:
Their famous shaving cream contains a secret blend of Eucalyptus and Coconut Oils, Glycerin and Lanolin to give a close, comfortable shave whilst protecting even sensitive skin.

The Proraso shaving cream should be lathered with a quality shaving brush that has been soaked in hot water before applying to the face in a circular motion.