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Piccadilly Shaving Company Luxury Shaving Cream Unscented

  • 180ml
  • 144g
  • Made in England

Canned Foam and aerosol gels do not have any effect on the skin or hair and generally only serve as a lubricant to ease in the gliding of the blade. Traditional shaving creams such as the Piccadilly luxury shaving cream have a high PH which not only soften the hairs but also stabilise the capillaries to ensure the hairs are cut straight across rather than at an angle which is the main cause of the dreaded razor burn. If you have never used a proper shaving soap then give it a try and we are sure that you will never look back.

Directions: Simply work the top of the soap with a wet shaving brush until the bristles are charged with shaving soap. Now apply the soap to the face using a circular motion. This softens the bristles and raises them ready for shaving.

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