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Peterson Standard System Rustic Briar Pipe 312

QTY Price
Single Boxed Briar Smoking Pipe £72.99

  • Overall Length: 163mm
  • Overall Height: 110mm
  • Bowl Height: 50mm
  • Bowl Diameter: 37mm
  • Bore: 19mm
  • Weight: 55g
  • Gift Boxed
  • Cloth pipe bag included
Peterson System Rustic

The Rustic System is the same pipe as the system smooth but with a carved rustic finish. The Briar is coloured with a deep red stain before finishing in a deep brown almost black overlay. The pipe is then sanded back to reveal the lighter red stain on the raised areas to give a stunning contrast.
It is believed that a rough finish on a pipe helps keep the pipe cooler as there is more surface area in contact with the cool air around it. This in turn helps keep the smoke cooler in the pipe. There is also more natural grip when holding the bowl.

Peterson System

Peterson System: A patented system, which naturally removes tar and moisture from the smoke without restricting the draw. Resulting in a very smooth and dry smoke. We have recommended Petersons to many wet smokers have have returned delighted with the difference.

P.Lip mouthpiece:

The Pl.ip is a unique mouthpiece designed to greatly enhance the smokers experience. The lip is shaped to fit the mouth more comfortably with the tongue pressed under the lip. The smoke exits on the top of the lip, which significantly reduces tongue bite from even the most bitter smoking tobacco’s.