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Peterson Special Reserve 2018 Limited Edition Pipe Tobacco (100g Tin)

Single 100g Tin £29.10

** This product is not currently available. **

The eagerly awaited and highly anticipated 2018 Peterson Reserve!

  • 100g tin!
  • Curly Cut
  • Limited Edition
  • Strength: 3
  • Room note: 3

Petersons 2018 Reserve Blend
Like every spring, Peterson brings a “special reserve” to the market. But the Peterson Limited Edition 2018 Special Reserve strays from the beaten path.
For the first time, Peterson introduces a luxury roll-cut tobacco that has been hand-pressed and cut by experts. Virginia and Kentucky tobaccos combine to create a natural blend that appeals to lovers of pure pipe enjoyment.

The delightful looking curlies all have small “bird-eyes” spun into them, which make for a bright contrast to the red-brown and dark brown melange of Virginias and Kentucky. Once loaded into your pipe the typical, very bready aroma is dominating all the way. Quickly a tart, almost peppery spice joins in. The exceptionally mild honey topping is far, far in the background and only supports the caramel-y sweetness and mild hints of stoved fruits from the first class Virginias. Special Reserve 2018 also offers some nice, earthy and tart notes in the background that flatter the insanely rich bready aroma, as well as some hints of sweet nuts.

Curly Cut Pipe Tobacco:
The Peterson Reserve 2017 Pipe Tobacco is a curly cut tobacco blend. Curly Cut refers to thin slices of tobacco cut from twisted “Rope” tobacco, which take an almost thin coin-like appearance. Curly Cut is much like Flake tobacco, only differing in shape and slightly in thickness, and is sometimes referred to as a type of flake. It can be prepared for smoking in the same way as a traditional Flake, by either folding, crushing, or rubbing it out to a desirable texture for smoking.

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