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Peterson Pipe of the year 2016 Limited Edition Briar Pipe Chimney D20

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Pipe No.272 £126.99
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Throughout 2015’s production Petersons craftsmen have been picking out special blocks of Briar for the 2016 pipe of the year. At the end of 2015 the reserved briar was weaned down to the best 500 blocks for production of the Peterson pipe of the Year.

  • Overall Length: 142mm
  • Overall Height: 58mm
  • Bowl Height: 58mm
  • Bowl Diameter: 32mm
  • Bore: 20mm
  • Bore Depth: 49mm
  • Weight: 44g
  • Thinking Man Pipe Tool
  • Limited Edition
  • Cloth Pipe Bag Included
  • Gift Boxed

Peterson Pipe of the Year 2016 Chimney D20
When will Peterson run out of inspiration for their pipe of the year!!! Every year we thinking they are scraping the bottom of the bowl but then they surprise us with something different.
Peterson their shape chart out of the window when designing this pipe a this is the first chimney shape that they have ever produced and it’s another stunner.
It is a large straight chimney with a lovely deep bowl for longer smokes with a longer than average shank finished with a hallmarked sterling 925 silver band and tapered acrylic fishtail mouthpiece with the usual embossed Peterson logo.
The bore is not too large so it’s not a tobacco swallower and will produce longer smokes without the intensity. Is this going to be the perfect pipe for a pipe competition??

Thinking Man Pipe Tool:
For 2016 Peterson are supplying all of their pipes with a free thinking man pipe tool. We are told this is for a limited period so once they are gone they are gone.
All of the pipe of the years will have one included for sure.
It is a lovely pipe shaped tool with a tamper, rounded blade and handy spike finished with the Peterson logo and impression of Petersons iconic thinking man.

Fishtail mouthpiece:
Petersons trademark patented mouthpiece is the p.lip design, which has many advantages but unfortunately some smokers just don’t get on with it. The Pipe of the year 2016 comes with the fishtail mouthpiece as an alternative for those who don’t get on with the P.Lip.