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Peterson Atlantic Bent Pot Shape Briar Smoking Pipe 01 RUSTIC

  • Overall Length: 150mm
  • Overall Height: 65mm
  • Bowl Height: 45mm
  • Bowl Diameter: 38mm
  • Bore: 21mm
  • Weight: 54g
  • Gift Boxed
  • Cloth pipe bag included

Peterson Atlantic Series: Introduced in early 2015 the Peterson Atlantic is another bold and exciting range as Peterson has started producing less traditional styles and adds a bit of excitement to the pipe world. Updated for 2020 with a new Rusticated finish, they have a beautiful deep and rich blue stain on the traditional bowl shapes with a stunning olive green marbled mouthpiece. The pipe is finished off with a contrasting polished Nickel band inscribed "Atlantic". The pipe has an abundance of character without being too dainty or feminine so we anticipate that this will be a very popular range.

Peterson 01 Shape: The Atlantic 01 is a striking stubby pot shape with a shortened shank and fishtail mouthpiece. It has substantial thick walls and a generous bore for those who like a good fill and to smoke it enthusiastically. A stunning and very heat resilient pipe for a cooler sweeter smoke.

Fishtail mouthpiece: The standard mouthpiece for most pipe manufacturers. The fishtail has an exit hole in the end of the mouthpiece. The end of the mouthpiece is flat, which some people find easier to grip, and suits the smoker who doesn't get on with the p.lip style.

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