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Peterson 9mm Dublin Filter 999 Bulldog P-Lip Briar Pipe

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Single Briar Pipe £67.99

  • Overall Length: 140mm
  • Overall Height: 60mm
  • Bowl Height: 40mm
  • Bowl Diameter: 40mm
  • Bore: 20mm
  • Weight: 45g
  • Gift Boxed
  • Cloth pipe bag included

The Peterson Dublin Filter is a fairly new and very welcomed range to fill the gaping hole in the 9mm Filter market. 9mm Filter pipes are becoming increasingly popular but few manufacturers have caught onto this or are unwilling to change. While Peterson are producing stunning pipes like this Dublin Filter and Fermoy the other manufacturers are missing out.

Peterson Filter pipes are strictly speaking not system pipes but by adding space for a 9mm filter if you were to smoke the pipe without a filter there is a large chamber which is effectively a moisture trap. The bore hole does not have the same exaggerated graduation but it is still there to a degree meaning it will smoke better than the average non system pipe. So smoked with or without the absorbent 9mm filter in place there are very few pipes that will smoke cooler or sweeter.

The Peterson Dublin Filter 999 is a half bent briar pipe, with instantly recognisable styling. The Bulldog shape has two grooves around the peak of the taper. It is almost apple shaped, which makes for a comfortable hold and tapers more towards the base. The two grooves as-well as being attractive increase the surface area at the thickest part of the bowl, helping the bowl cool in the same way as a car radiator. This in turn helps keep the smoke cool throughout the pipe.

P.Lip mouthpiece:
Unique mouthpiece designed to greatly enhance the smokers experience. The lip is shaped to fit the mouth more comfortably with the tongue pressed under the lip. The smoke exits above the lip, which significantly reduces tongue bite from even the most bitter smoking tobacco’s.

This is a generic image that we have taken from a random selection of this pipe model from our stocks. It is unlikely to be the exact pipe you will receive. Due to the nature of the raw material used and this being a handmade product there will be some variation in grain, colour and finish.
There could also be a slight variation in the dimensions provided.

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