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***DISCONTINUED*** PerfecRepair Cigar Glue and Crack Sealer

** This product is not currently available. **

This product is now discontinued, we have left the listing for historical reference and interest

  • Height: 59mm
  • Width: 17mm
  • Contains: 3ml
  • Use for up to 80 Typical repairs

PerfecRepair is a cigar repair glue and sealer product meant to glue down any lifting or unraveling cigar wrapper instantly and securely. It will also seal any crack, hole or lifted edge of the wrapper causing minor and even major air leaks through the sides of a cigar instantly. The compact bottle is designed to fit easily into a pocket or in any cigar tool kit. Each bottle is good for approximately 80 typical cigar repairs.

PerfecRepair is entirely safe to use, has no taste or odour, and does not alter the smokability of a cigar whatsoever, It contains 2 ingredients, both of which are 100% natural, food grade products.

1) Glue - This is the same glue used when making cigars to hold the tobacco leaf wrapper and the cap together

2) Cellulose Fibres - These are the same fibres in "high fibre" foods you eat. All plants, including tobacco, contain cellulose. Tobacco leaves are made up of 10%-12% cellulose, so when you smoke cigars, you are already smoking significant amounts of cellulose

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