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Passatore Satin Chrome Keyring Cigar Punch 592401

  • Keyring
  • Cuts any gauge Cigar
  • Length: 63mm
  • Diameter: 12mm
  • Blade Diameter: 8mm

Passatore are a company that specialises in producing luxurious smoking accessories. These stunning Cigar punches fit the bill of being made from high quality machined Aluminium and won't fall apart like some of the cheaper Chinese made punches.

Trimming the end of a premium cigar can be done in many ways and makes a massive difference to the smoking character of the cigar. If done badly the cigar will smoke un-even and can unravel.

The main aim is to clear a passage in the end cap of the cigar without damaging the carefully rolled filler or the outer leaf. The Passatore Cigar Punch is made from a good quality sharp steel and its small dimensions make it ideal for the cigar smoker on the move as these handy little punches are smaller than the average Chub key and the blade retracts into the body to protect the ground edge and damage to your pockets.

Simply depress the button on the side and the cutting edge pops up and locks out. The cutting edge is then firmly pressed into the end cap while rotating to carefully cut a neat hole in the end cap without crushing the filler leaves.

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