< **RARE** Paronelli Bog Oak Pipes

Paronelli Bog Oak (Morta) Pipe 006

Single Boxed Pipe £339.99

** This product is not currently available. **

  • Overall Length: 126mm
  • Overall Height: 57mm
  • Bowl Height: 57mm
  • Bowl Diameter: 42mm
  • Bore: 21mm
  • Weight: 47g
  • Gift Boxed
  • Deluxe pipe bag included
  • 5,000 Years old!

Paronelli Bog Oak (Morta) Pipes:
Well this is something you don’t see every day! In fact they are that rare, that it took us 50 years of trading before we even heard about Morta pipes never mind actually had the chance to stock one.

Morta (or Bog Oak) is a term used for trees that have fallen into Peat bogs around 5,000 years ago. The acidity and anaerobic conditions of the Peat bogs preserve and season the wood that under normal conditions would have rotted away. Over the years the tannins leach out and when farmed the wood is in the early stages of fossilisation with a beautiful Dark Brown/Grey colour. Bog Oak is probably the most seasoned wood available on the planet!! The next stage would be Carbon!

Paronelli source their Morta from Briere parkland in France which is a 16 mile stretch of marshes and fens and is inaccessible for most of the year. The Morta can only be farmed for a maximum of 3 months of the year and is a highly laborious process. Just imagine trying to get a crane across a bog and you’ll get the idea!

And it doesn’t stop there, the curing of Bog Oak is a skilled task in itself lasting a minimum of 2 years. The bog oak must be gently dried out with regular monitoring in dark sheds to avoid splitting. The result is a very robust yet lightweight piece of wood perfect for pipe smoking.

They are totally unique, highly precious and sort after pipes which give a slightly sweet smoke with no bitter taste which can only be achieved with thousands of years seasoning. The wood itself looks absolutely stunning, with a beautiful grain and natural colouring that will never wear off! No stain is used, what you see is natural raw Bog Oak.