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**SOLD** Paronelli Artisan Italian High Grade Briar Pipe Sandstorm 03

Single Boxed Briar Pipe £234.99

** This product is not currently available. **

This was a one off pipe which has now sold. We have left the description here for historical reference and interest.

* Overall Length: 196mm
* Overall Height: 97mm
* Bowl Height: 97mm
* Bowl Width: 92.5mm
* Bore: 66mm
* Weight: 55g
* Unfiltered
* Aged Briar (Minimum 70 Years)
* Gift Boxed
* Deluxe pipe bag included

Paronelli Italian Artisan Briar Pipes:
Paronelli are true Artisan pipe making family company making boutique, one off, high grade pipes. Every pipe is hand crafted using choice Sardinian and Calabrian Briar from their own plantation where they control the trees to ensure only the highest grade of root Briar is grown. The root is only harvested between October and March when the plant is at rest so there is no sap in the wood which is the cause of bitter tastes in your pipe. Every piece of Briar is then boiled to purify the wood and remove minerals and tannins. The Briar is then dried and seasoned for a minimum of 70 years! No …….. that isn’t a typo, every pipe is crafted from a piece of Briar harvested by the craftsman’s grandfather! This ensures a cool and sweet smoke from the first light with little breaking in required.
They limit production to around 1000 pipes per year to maintain the highest level of craftsmanship and as not to exhaust their precious stocks.
Each pipe is finished naturally using Carnauba wax and no artificial elements.

Paronelli Sandstorm 03:
The Paronelli sandstorm is a range of pipes reserved for only the finest sand blasting experts in the Paronelli and are arguably the best sandblasters in the world as is evident just from looking at these pipes. It helps that they are provided with some of the best Briar in the world that has a wonderful grain pattern but only true skilled craftsmen can highlight this grain effectively with sandblasting.
The sandstorm take it to a whole new level by first carving the softer parts of the grain before sandblasting which extenuates the grain even further for some really stunning pipes.
The 03 is a classic half bent horn shape which will appeal to many smokers. It is very comfortable to the hand and has a striking carved pattern with the usual straight grain being revealed underneath in the sandblasting. The pipe is finished in a light tan shell colour with a contrasting Black saddle stem and nice wide mouthpiece.