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Padron Series 2000 Robusto Maduro (Single Cigar)

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Single Cellophane wrapped Cigar £13.50

  • Length: 127mm
  • Gauge: 50
  • Flavour: Medium-Full
  • Wrapper: Nicaraguan Maduro
  • Binder: Nicaraguan
  • Filler: Nicaraguan
  • Hand Rolled
  • Nicaraguan

A single cellophane wrapped hand rolled Cigar!

Padron Cigars:
If there was such thing as a Cigar rollers fairytale then the Padron story would be it!
You can almost taste the passion in every draw!
At 36 Jose Padron, the founding father of Padron Cigars landed in Miami in 1962 penniless as a Cuban Refugee. Determined not to be a burden on the American Government Jose accepted a gift of a small hammer or as the family refers to as “el martillito”. He decided to put it to good use and work his way out of poverty in order to support his family. This hammer is on permanent display in the Padron warehouse as a constant reminder what hard work, passion and determination can achieve.
In 1964 Jose had not only worked himself out of poverty but he had opened his Cigar factory and the Padron legend was born.
The Padron family understands the significance of patience and hard work taking considerable time and effort to deliver the finest handmade complex cigars with the flavour of real Cuban heritage. Thier primary mission is exceptional quality and they know this can’t be rushed as they refuse to enter into mass production of their Cigars which they could so easily do if they were more inclined to line their pockets that deliver quality.

Padron maintains complete control over the entire manufacturing process with strict and passionate control over every aspect of manufacturing from sowing the seeds right through to the final rolling and ageing of their Cigars.

Padron – Have achieved 3 No1 ratings since 2004 for the No1 cigar in the world – Cigar Aficionado

Padron Series 2000 Cigars:
The Padron 2000 is a premium cigar that achieved a 90 rating from Cigar Aficionado. The Padron 2000 series are high quality cigars that use a mesmerizing array of select Nicaraguan long fillers that come from quality, Cuban-seed tobacco plants. The Habano tobacco is sun grown and aged in Nicaragua for at least two and a half years to give the tobacco a fine range of wonderful, award winning complex flavors. As with other Padron cigars, the construction of these masterpieces is impeccable and helps give them a long, slow and enjoyable burn. This medium-bodied Cigar is further highlighted by its quality, select Natural wrapper. The end result of combining such a fine selection of Nicaraguan tobacco is a top shelf cigar smoking experience that is suited for the finest of occasions.

Loose boxed single Cigar:
The Padron Cigars are normally packaged loose in boxes of 20’s and 26’s. We will mail a single cigar in a cardboard sleeve surrounded by protective packaging. The cigar should be enjoyed within a few days or kept in a humidor to ensure its condition and enjoyment.

Please note the Padron Cigars are premium hand rolled cigars and therefore require cutting or punching before they can be enjoyed.